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    Half Term Gone Wrong

    With lovely plans made for Half Term, they are all on hold. I have covid and damn I feel poorly. It seems this current strain does not mix well with Fibromyalgia! Its Mama down! I had been taking care of Dad, who had covid so it was kinda inevitable really wasn’t it, but someone had to look after him, and also last time I had it I was just a little sleepy and achy so I didn’t worry too much. Especially three vaccines in! But how wrong was I! What started with feeling cold, and like I had a bad head cold has turned a day later into every single…

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    Sunflowers just make my heart happy

    Autumn days have begun, 1st September and we were at The Pop Up Farm for sunflowers ⁣ I adore them, and the Pop Up Farm⁣, it’s definitely one of our happy places to go in the autumn. ⁣Its only about twenty minutes from home too which is a bonus. Grayson is already on a countdown as to how many days it is until they open for pumpkin season! ⁣To be honest I am too! Such a gorgeous setting, so quirky with the piano and the bathtub amongst the flowers. Perfect for photos, and thankfully they all cooperated today and we had no meltdowns – think there is a first time…

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    Bobbing About On The Broads

    What a perfect sunny Sunday for an impromptu mini break in Norfolk! Child free and a sunny day I headed towards Norwich and checked into Sprowston Manor, a spa and golf hotel. It looked really nice and lived up to my expectations. Lovely sweeping driveway, crossing the golf course, and arriving at the 16th century English Manor that houses the hotel. First impressions and all that, and it was so far so good. Lovely reception area, really friendly staff and a very easy painless check in.  Headed up to my room and was pleasantly surprised as to how spacious it is. I’ll let you see for yourself with the video…

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    Work from anywhere …..

    The joy of being self employed is that I can literally work from anywhere. Although when I am on holiday with my family I am not too sure I love that benefit! Hahah its like the world and its wife knows I am away, has holiday envy and is after a quote / booking to get in on the act! In all seriousness, I am more than happy to send them over, its great to be busy especially after the ‘covid’ years, travel is really picking up. Auntie Katie has taken the girls to the pool, and I am sitting in the sunshine – read that as keep moving to…

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    Let’s talk travel snacks

    We are off on a road trip to France in half term, and with three hungry children I need to start planning my road trip snacks. It will be one constant whine of ‘Mummmmmmmmmy I’m hungry’ pretty much the whole way, with a little ‘I need the charger’ thrown in to I can more or less guarantee. ⁣⁣So what to pack, looking for good tips and recommendations. What are your top three snacks for being out and about with your children? Or actually let’s not just focus on the little darlings, what’s your best snacks recommendations in general for road trips / days out. ⁣⁣I’d love to be more of…

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    Birthday Bluebells

    Bluebell season is here again, and probably almost done, so what better than some birthday bluebells for Ruby! I have to get my annual bluebell photo fix, the children knew it was coming, but it never somehow prepares them to cooperate and actually just smile at the damn camera. I mean how hard is it really? Like seriously, it could just be so simple, but no photo session is that way is it, always ends in me yelling like crazy woman, them running all over the place, meltdowns and absolute blooming’ chaos! It was however still gorgeous and we all had fun, and I got my annual photos. There is…

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    Proud Mama Moment

    So not only did day one of the Easter Holidays go well, but I was super proud, read that bursting with pride proud, of Grayson. He has sat this afternoon and spent two hours building Lego. Like that’s unheard of, and usually come about 4pm his meds are wearing off and he is really struggling. We have a new slightly higher dose and it’s made such a difference for him. So not only has he spent the time building and figuring out the Lego bunny, he has also done it between 3pm & 5pm, which would have e been impossible last week. He is so proud of himself too which…

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    Harry Potter Studio Tour

    A little mummy and son date to start off the Easter holidays. Grayson and I went to visit the Warner Bros Studios for the Harry Potter Tour. I only booked the ticket on Thursday morning for Friday afternoon, so got lucky with availability. The girls went off to hang out with Auntie Katie and their cousins, and off we went! Gray was so excited, and it was so nice to be spending some one to one time with him. Never an easy thing to do when a single mama of three! But it’s time that’s needed. On arrival I mentioned to the car park lady that Grayson had autism /…

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    Sunny Sunday at Wrest Park

    Sunny Sunday’s are meant for exploring parks! We headed off to Wrest Park in Silsoe, Bedfordshire. It’s only about 40 mins or so away from us. Wrest Park is managed by English Heritage and is free to members. For over 600 years the Wrest estate was home to one of the leading aristocratic families in the country, the de Greys.  Apparently every generation has had a different impact on the estate over the years.  With over 90 acres of grounds there is plenty to explore and enjoy.  We arrived just after lunch and naturally the children wanted to immediately hang out in the playground! I managed to convince Grayson and Hallie that…

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    Meeting the locals

    The thing I love most about travelling and ⁣having adventures is the people you meet, the lives you touch, and whose lives touch you, the interactions, the laughter and the cuddles. Could not resist letting this little one hop up onto the balloon basket when we landed. ⁣ On this magical morning we had had a ridiculously early start but was rewarded by the most incredible hot air balloon trip – another bucket list item ticked off. It was just magical. But honestly the highlight for me was meeting and interacting with the locals when we landed. #travel memories ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣