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Birthday Bluebells

Bluebell season is here again, and probably almost done, so what better than some birthday bluebells for Ruby! I have to get my annual bluebell photo fix, the children knew it was coming, but it never somehow prepares them to cooperate and actually just smile at the damn camera. I mean how hard is it really? Like seriously, it could just be so simple, but no photo session is that way is it, always ends in me yelling like crazy woman, them running all over the place, meltdowns and absolute blooming’ chaos!

It was however still gorgeous and we all had fun, and I got my annual photos. There is something just magical about bluebell woods, they make my heart oh so happy. Once the children have relaxed, I have gotten over the concept of having perfect photos and the ridiculous notion of my children being cooperative and behaving like performing seals, we actually all have a lovely time. Usually takes about five mins of initial stress first though, hilariously so when I look back, but hey ho.

We took dad along with us, so we could get some family shots too.

It was so nice to be able to get pics with Dad / Grandad too, I drag him along most years, he loves it really.

We visit the woods to the side of Marden Hall, near Tewin, its gorgeous and there are oh so many bluebells. Plus for the ease of pictures and not having children whining about walking prior to having their photos done and being even less cooperative – is that even possible?! – you can simply park along the side of the road and hop straight into the woods.