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Proud Mama Moment

So not only did day one of the Easter Holidays go well, but I was super proud, read that bursting with pride proud, of Grayson.

He has sat this afternoon and spent two hours building Lego. Like that’s unheard of, and usually come about 4pm his meds are wearing off and he is really struggling. We have a new slightly higher dose and it’s made such a difference for him.

So not only has he spent the time building and figuring out the Lego bunny, he has also done it between 3pm & 5pm, which would have e been impossible last week.

He is so proud of himself too which is lovely and is really chuffed with all the messages of well done he has got since I popped the picture on Facebook. It’s done wonders for his self esteem.

To a regular parent it’s just Lego, but to a SEN mama it’s the most wonderful thing in the world! You have no idea how special it is for me that he has been able to do this, and actually really enjoyed it.

Perfectly themed Lego for the Easter Holidays

I expect to be made poor due to lego in the near future!!