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Let’s talk travel snacks

We are off on a road trip to France in half term, and with three hungry children I need to start planning my road trip snacks. It will be one constant whine of ‘Mummmmmmmmmy I’m hungry’ pretty much the whole way, with a little ‘I need the charger’ thrown in to I can more or less guarantee. ⁣

So what to pack, looking for good tips and recommendations. What are your top three snacks for being out and about with your children? Or actually let’s not just focus on the little darlings, what’s your best snacks recommendations in general for road trips / days out. ⁣

I’d love to be more of the fruit mama with the delicious looking snacks,

But to be fair I’m totally more of this mama, grab and go and keep everyone happy.

With all the good intentions in the world, I am a busy, single mama, juggling way to much, and am always dashing from one thing to the next. I have two weeks to turn it all around and to become the road trip snack queen! Help a mama out⁣

Please share your tips