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Work from anywhere …..

The joy of being self employed is that I can literally work from anywhere. Although when I am on holiday with my family I am not too sure I love that benefit! Hahah its like the world and its wife knows I am away, has holiday envy and is after a quote / booking to get in on the act! In all seriousness, I am more than happy to send them over, its great to be busy especially after the ‘covid’ years, travel is really picking up.

Auntie Katie has taken the girls to the pool, and I am sitting in the sunshine – read that as keep moving to the shade to see my screen, and then back into the sun to bask – sending cruise quotes and booking holidays for clients. Gray was getting a little restless in the pool and needed some down time, and headed back to me. But thankfully I anticipated this, and nipped to the large hypermarket earlier and bought some lego. One happy little guy, out of the sun, building lego, and one mama building her business, one booking at a time.

One days like this, I feel like I am winning at life.