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Half Term Gone Wrong

With lovely plans made for Half Term, they are all on hold. I have covid and damn I feel poorly. It seems this current strain does not mix well with Fibromyalgia! Its Mama down!

I had been taking care of Dad, who had covid so it was kinda inevitable really wasn’t it, but someone had to look after him, and also last time I had it I was just a little sleepy and achy so I didn’t worry too much. Especially three vaccines in! But how wrong was I! What started with feeling cold, and like I had a bad head cold has turned a day later into every single joint hurting so bad its painful to walk, and even to type this. But I’m going insane just watching nonsense on tv, curled up under a blanket on the sofa, so I’m wincing through and reviving this blog.

So I’ve gone from taking care of dad, and doing everything for him, to him doing the same for me. The pain killers are doing nothing for my aches and the soon to explode feeling in my head. Thankfully the children are with their daddy until Wednesday morning, and I hope that I can make a miraculous recovery by then – somehow doubt it – but hey I can be optimistic right?

It was Dad’s birthday yesterday and we both felt so rough that we have pretended his birthday didn’t happen and have moved it to Thursday! So we can hopefully celebrate then instead.

Any hello Fibro sufferers out there who have any great ache cure suggestions, even suggestions to ease them, it would be gratefully received. Oooooh as would box set suggestions for my sanity.