What a show!  @queenztheshow you didn’t disappoint, we knew you’d be fabulous, just didn’t realise just how fabulous.⁣

So I’m totally that mummy who took her children to a drag show on Saturday afternoon – and they adored every second, have not stopped singing, dancing and talking about it since we left. We had so much fun. ⁣

The show was at @watfordpalace and as they were running a matinee I thought I’d treat them, and see how it went. The theatre is a great venue, with really nice staff who could not do enough for you. ⁣ We are looking forward to our next visit really soon. 

I am also that mum, with her adhd brain – who totally forgot the ear defenders and figured we’d have to wing it. Ruby cried as we arrived as it was super loud – we were second row right by a speaker – but honestly by song number three she was so in awe and was so busy bopping away – ear defenders, what ear defenders? ⁣

The vocals were incredible, these Queenz really deserve their crowns. Wow, what absolute powerhouses they are. I went through all the emotions during the show, and totally shed a few tears. They certainly have the moves too, and put us bopping away in the audience to shame! ⁣

The atmosphere in the audience was joyful, never have I felt such unity in a theatre. Everyone was a delight, everyone chatted, smiled, danced, it was just so lovely. All were up on their feet dancing, cheering, and loving the show. I adored the musical mashup as a big musical theatre fan, whilst Ruby’s favourite was Its Raining Men – how can you not love that one. But with the Spice Girls, Whitney and many more featured there really is something for everyone.⁣

We stopped for a photo and a chat after the show – much to the children’s delight. Everyone was so friendly, and welcoming. The children have demanded I book tickets for the Stevenage and the Dominion dates in the New Year! So I think it’s safe to say they loved it just as much as me. ⁣

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