A book, an actual real book

One at camp and two playing Barbie, I mean is there anything else to play this season, means I get to read a book, an actual real book!⁣

Sat in the garden, with a glass of squash, so rock n roll, and this gorgeous new read. Literally could squeal with delight. ⁣
Had a lovely time in Waterstones, Welwyn Garden City this afternoon with Phoebe and the girls, helping them pick out new reads. So love that they are excited by books even if it did take hours. They both got new puzzle books too, to keep those cogs turning during the long summer holidays, and have already made a start on them. ⁣.

Was absolutely delighted when the lovely lady told me I had enough stamps on my waterstone card to get a freebie so jumped at the chance to get this one for me. Never thinking for one moment I might actually get the chance to sit and get lost in the story tonight. This is a miracle. ⁣

This delight had been strategically positioned at the till, you know much like the sweets are at the tills in the supermarket! It came highly recommended from the lovely lady who served me too and sounds like a good one. ⁣

Totally stood reading the first few pages whilst cooking their tea, and so far so good. So I’m off to read whilst they are still happily playing and not squabbling over who is going to be Weird Barbie!

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