This is us

So this is us, Mummy Louise, Grayson (9), Ruby (7) and Hallie (5). We live in Hertfordshire with our Chihuahua Salsa and our four cats Belle, Sunny, Amelia, & Pumpkin. We have just thrown a puppy into the mix, he is a Cocker Spaniel and is going to be trained as an assistance dog. Life is busy, chaotic and mostly always fun. We keep it real. We are a SEN family, so autism and ADHD feature in our daily lives, and we do not hide that. It’s not always easy but we are a little team and are always out and about and off on adventures. We are full of love, and of course the occasional fight, but mostly love!

My Story

I’m Louise, single mama of three gorgeous little ones, who keep me on my toes! I absolutely adore being a mummy, even if they do all drive me utterly insane most days. Life is chaotic, balancing them all, and their individual needs, plus trying to fit in working, but I get there somehow! I work mostly from home as I have a travel business which I adore. I also chaperone children in TV, Film & Theatre so that take some off to some fun and interesting places at times. I am always hunting out fun things for us to do, new places to visit, and always, yes always have travel plans bubbling away. I have ridiculous amounts of things pinned on my Pinterest Boards, and am vowing to try something new from them weekly and will happily be sharing my Pinterest wins and the fails!