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    Spring Fix

    Spring fix this morning! Needed a blast of fresh spring air, to start what’s turning into a busy day. Everyone is going cruise crazy 🚢 and are keeping me busy. ⁣It was so lovely in the woods, the birds were cheeping – no parakeet’s today, but it was definitely sounding like the woods were awakening. Blossoms were blooming, buds were emerging on the trees and it just felt alive. Some days, ok most days, I need a nature fix, to ground me and to awaken me.⁣Quick walk with Salsa, along with a large coffee, and some fresh air and I’m ready to take on the world – well maybe take…

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    It’s World Book Day!

    It comes around quicker and quicker each year! It’s that time of year again when its World Book Day, so here is the obligatory photo. Dennis The Menace, The Worst Witch and a Fairy Unicorn!

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    Puddle Splashing & Party Going

    When you film a commercial, have the bestest day with a new friend, and literally get to dance in the rain!!! ⁣⁣Ruby had the best time ever apparently! Absolutely loved every second. ⁣⁣Obvs not allowed to say what she filmed and who for, but wanted to show the craziness of the rain spray, so have literally cropped a two second clip with no visible branding. She was soaked, but laughed so hard. ⁣⁣Today she was a party goer, and a puddle splasher! What a job title 💕🌧🌧