Being Kind To Me: Applying For A Nimbus Disability Card

I have finally applied for the Nimbus Access Card—a handy little gem that promises to be a game-changer in making my ADHD and fibromyalgia a little less of a pain. As someone who’s been navigating the challenges of these conditions, finding tools to make life easier is a big deal! I have thought nothing of applying for the cards for Grayson and Ruby but it never really occurred to me to apply for a card for too. 

I’ve been on a quest to find solutions that help me cope with the ups and downs of ADHD and fibromyalgia. The access card is fabulous card comes with a range of features designed to support individuals like me, with unique needs and challenges. 

The benefits of having the card are really game changing for the children.  With not having to queue when we go out to attractions and events – we have even used this in a particularly horrendous Primark queue once as they were struggling and a till was opened just for us, getting a free carer ticket (me!) when we go out, saving me a lot of expense, especially on days when they struggle and we only stay somewhere for a short period of time, to having access to step free entrances to venues when Ruby is struggling with pain from Hypermobility.  It really does make a huge difference to our family.   

I often struggle with chronic fatigue and pain with fibromyalgia and I tend to pretend it’s not a big deal, but it sucks. There are days when even my hands hurt and I cannot even text on my phone, silly example but it’s something we all do daily so its relatable I hope.    That coupled with my all over the place adhd brain that causes me a tonne of anxiety and all sorts of other drama, I have made a promise to be kinder to myself.  I need to slow it down – hmmmm pretty sure that’s going to be a tough one, and to be a little more forgiving of my quirks, and to actually ask for help every now and again.  Applying for the card is actually in a way asking for help – something I hugely struggle with.  But the card will speak for me I hope, and I can flash it when needed and not have to say too much – thats my hope anyway.  It’s recognised world wide – so even when I am travelling without the children for business, or am out with friends I can hopefully make my life a little easier. 

I must admit, filling out forms can sometimes be a bit daunting for me, thanks to my ADHD tendencies. But the Nimbus team have thoughtfully crafted the form, making it simple and user-friendly.  To be honest it was way easier applying for the children’s cards than it was for me, it’s really hard talking about my own struggles and difficulties.  I have masked my adhd for 44 years and although now it’s out there – I am sure looking back it was very obvious – I’m pretty sure I’ve done a good job at masking!  Fibromyalgia is a funny one too, people don’t really understand its complexities, I’m not even sure I do fully.  It affects so much, and is different in different people.  So I  don’t really talk about it too much and again just get on with it.  I don’t want to feel drugged on pain meds, so don’t take them, but honestly some days it’s draining and exhausting.  But putting that in writing makes it all real and putting it on a form asking for help – is really not my style.  But  I have realised the importance of advocating for myself and my needs, so I have done my best!

So now it’s submitted and now the wait commences.  Let’s see what happens and if my application gets accepted.  I really do hope so as it could potentially make a huge difference to my life.  Now I’ve taken this step, what else can I do to be kind to myself I wonder?   Do you know anyone with a disability who could do with this gem of a card?   You can find out more information here: It’s also a complete bargain at just £15 for three years, and ititss super easy to renew, I just renewed Graysons card and it was a breeze.

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