Autumn Days

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    Half Term Gone Wrong

    With lovely plans made for Half Term, they are all on hold. I have covid and damn I feel poorly. It seems this current strain does not mix well with Fibromyalgia! Its Mama down! I had been taking care of Dad, who had covid so it was kinda inevitable really wasn’t it, but someone had to look after him, and also last time I had it I was just a little sleepy and achy so I didn’t worry too much. Especially three vaccines in! But how wrong was I! What started with feeling cold, and like I had a bad head cold has turned a day later into every single…

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    Sunflowers just make my heart happy

    Autumn days have begun, 1st September and we were at The Pop Up Farm for sunflowers ⁣ I adore them, and the Pop Up Farm⁣, it’s definitely one of our happy places to go in the autumn. ⁣Its only about twenty minutes from home too which is a bonus. Grayson is already on a countdown as to how many days it is until they open for pumpkin season! ⁣To be honest I am too! Such a gorgeous setting, so quirky with the piano and the bathtub amongst the flowers. Perfect for photos, and thankfully they all cooperated today and we had no meltdowns – think there is a first time…