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    Half Term Gone Wrong

    With lovely plans made for Half Term, they are all on hold. I have covid and damn I feel poorly. It seems this current strain does not mix well with Fibromyalgia! Its Mama down! I had been taking care of Dad, who had covid so it was kinda inevitable really wasn’t it, but someone had to look after him, and also last time I had it I was just a little sleepy and achy so I didn’t worry too much. Especially three vaccines in! But how wrong was I! What started with feeling cold, and like I had a bad head cold has turned a day later into every single…

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    Work from anywhere …..

    The joy of being self employed is that I can literally work from anywhere. Although when I am on holiday with my family I am not too sure I love that benefit! Hahah its like the world and its wife knows I am away, has holiday envy and is after a quote / booking to get in on the act! In all seriousness, I am more than happy to send them over, its great to be busy especially after the ‘covid’ years, travel is really picking up. Auntie Katie has taken the girls to the pool, and I am sitting in the sunshine – read that as keep moving to…

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    Spring Fix

    Spring fix this morning! Needed a blast of fresh spring air, to start what’s turning into a busy day. Everyone is going cruise crazy 🚢 and are keeping me busy. ⁣It was so lovely in the woods, the birds were cheeping – no parakeet’s today, but it was definitely sounding like the woods were awakening. Blossoms were blooming, buds were emerging on the trees and it just felt alive. Some days, ok most days, I need a nature fix, to ground me and to awaken me.⁣Quick walk with Salsa, along with a large coffee, and some fresh air and I’m ready to take on the world – well maybe take…