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    Birthday Bluebells

    Bluebell season is here again, and probably almost done, so what better than some birthday bluebells for Ruby! I have to get my annual bluebell photo fix, the children knew it was coming, but it never somehow prepares them to cooperate and actually just smile at the damn camera. I mean how hard is it really? Like seriously, it could just be so simple, but no photo session is that way is it, always ends in me yelling like crazy woman, them running all over the place, meltdowns and absolute blooming’ chaos! It was however still gorgeous and we all had fun, and I got my annual photos. There is…

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    Sunny Sunday at Wrest Park

    Sunny Sunday’s are meant for exploring parks! We headed off to Wrest Park in Silsoe, Bedfordshire. It’s only about 40 mins or so away from us. Wrest Park is managed by English Heritage and is free to members. For over 600 years the Wrest estate was home to one of the leading aristocratic families in the country, the de Greys.  Apparently every generation has had a different impact on the estate over the years.  With over 90 acres of grounds there is plenty to explore and enjoy.  We arrived just after lunch and naturally the children wanted to immediately hang out in the playground! I managed to convince Grayson and Hallie that…

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    Spring Fix

    Spring fix this morning! Needed a blast of fresh spring air, to start what’s turning into a busy day. Everyone is going cruise crazy 🚢 and are keeping me busy. ⁣It was so lovely in the woods, the birds were cheeping – no parakeet’s today, but it was definitely sounding like the woods were awakening. Blossoms were blooming, buds were emerging on the trees and it just felt alive. Some days, ok most days, I need a nature fix, to ground me and to awaken me.⁣Quick walk with Salsa, along with a large coffee, and some fresh air and I’m ready to take on the world – well maybe take…