Disney Magical Moments

It’s been a tough day for Gray today in Disney.  He had the best day yesterday despite it being a massive sensory overload, but today it hit harder.  Probably due to tiredness as well, but he just found it tough.  Had a lot of fun, but it was emotional and challenging.  BUT there have also been some magical moments along the way.  Especially when we spotted Captain Jack Sparrow (please tell this exhausted mama she has called him the right name?)

Gray ran straight up to him, it was obvious he was trying to get somewhere without really wanting to stop but Grayson (obviously) didn’t read those signs.  He was lovely and smiled for a photo, Hallie jumped in too, and then Phoebe and Jude had one done. Gray then got back to him, despite the small crowd gathering also hoping for photos and stood chatting to him, holding onto him, hugging him, looking at his costume and asking loads of questions. I smiled apologetically at the crowd several time, but nobody seemed to mind thankfully. 

‘Jack’ let’s call him that, as I clearly have no idea of his real name, was amazing. Completely engaged with Grayson, answering all his questions and chatting away with him nicely. Grayson said he was hungry and wanted to get some popcorn, and with that Jack said come on then let’s get some. And off they went hand in hand.  Literally just like that, with the poor crowd just left behind and me frantically pushing Ruby in the stroller along behind them trying to get through the crowd to catch them up whilst apologising to them all.   Not only had Gray took forever with him, they were now not even in with a chance of a photo! Whoops! 

Off they went, and poor Hallie tried to keep up

But anyway, forget them, back to Grayson. We left the land we were in,  leaving Dad, Katie, Phoebe and Jude wondering what on earth was going on. And off we went through the park into another land, to find popcorn. Plenty of people tried to stop him along the way for pics, but he said ‘no sorry, we are off for popcorn’ and off they went! It was so lovely for Grayson. At one point Hallie fell and got her leg stuck – no idea how this even happened – under the stroller! But he stopped, helped her up, dusted her down, took her hand too and off they all went again!  

It was just magical, Grayson was truly in his element, and Hallie thought it was all pretty cool too.   They were chatting away and he was so so lovely to them. Totally above and beyond, and it could not be more appreciated.  

Disney really does magic well, and Disney completely nails it when it comes to additional needs, and being aware and understanding.   To most people Gray would have looked like the annoying kid, taking up time and stopping others from getting a photo. But he was actually completely overwhelmed and in awe. He wanted to feel the costume, look at all the accessories, including a chickens foot, and was so huggy and tactile. Jack just recognised this, and embraced it. He made this mummy’s heart burst, literally made my day to see someone one so compassionate to my child, when people are often judgy and unkind. 

Thank you Captain Jack Sparrow, you’re the best 💕

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