For The Love Of Chocolate

Another Easter has been and gone and sadly our last one at Dad’s as he is downsizing! 

I sat in the garden yesterday watching the children run around doing one easter egg hunt of many, wondering what next Easter would bring and whether we would all be together. 

Easter was mum’s favourite, not just for her love of chocolate, and all things spring. I think she found it less stressful than Christmas, although when making breakfast for the tribe this morning, I am not sure ‘less stressful’ were quite the two words that would have sprung to mind for Jen and I!  

We have always all been together for Easter, all us cousins. Maybe on the odd one, one of us might have snuck off on a trip, or to visit a boyfriend / girlfriend, but mostly everyone has been together. We know no different. I guess we at very lucky that way, that we are all still so close. Not many of my friends think of Easter as a big deal. It is for us, perhaps it’s because we are all together and carry on our traditions. 

The Easter table being one of those traditions! This insane table of chocolate, that now goes way beyond the table and onto the large unit behind too, that is out of shot! We line up everyone’s eggs so everyone can easily see which eggs belong to them.  It just seems to get more and more out of control every year, although there are 18 of us now!  Even so it’s an awful lot of chocolate and gifts and that’s just what you can see! 

The Easter egg hunt – this is a no brainer right? Surely everyone does this doesn’t they? I’m pretty sure we even did them before we all started to have kids – meaning we never stopped from when we were kids ourselves! It’s just an Easter thing. Ours just go on a little! We set up a hunt, the children all dash about squealing with delight at finding eggs, ok and sometimes whining they cannot find their egg colour (yes they all have colours – my sister is a head and my cousin is a TA – it’s like a military operation!) and then they start all over. Sometimes we re hide them, sometimes they hide them for each other. It keeps them amused for ages! Plus always gives us plenty of photo opportunities. 

The food – well mum used to do an amazing job, and now katie and has taken over and is literally nailing it! Insane amounts of food, desserts, snacks! With ridiculous amounts of chocolate thrown in too! Diet, what diet?!   The hot cross bun bread and butter pudding went down rather well! 

The games – well my family LOVE a game! Sometimes they even let the children play, mostly not though 😉. I tend to watch, not going to lie, this adhd brained me, struggles with a fast paced game, they usually have numbers in (perhaps they choose these ones so I don’t play?!) but honestly it’s too loud, fast paced and stressful! I don’t know the rules, and cannot add up quick enough. It’s not fun for me! Give me monopoly or snakes and ladders any day! Anyway it’s usually quite amusing to watch, there are often shots involved, and penalties (yet another reason not to play!!) and it’s again usually a great source of funny photos!   

I bought Easter lego for my three along with eggs, to give them some down time.  They came back from their dad’s around lunch time, and Gray was feeling a bit sicky – bloomin’ adhd meds  he is back on his not so great ones, waiting for the better ones to be back in next week – so he was grateful of the chill time. He whizzed through his Easter nest and then moved onto some Harry Potter lego. I always now try to keep Lego sets hidden away, so we always have new building to do. Beats screen time and it’s actually really calming for him.   Ruby also sat and started her lego bunny set which was really lovely. I’m excited to get stuck into the Easter basket set that I was given for spending so much in store last week! It’s a super cute Easter limited edition. 

We were so so blessed with the weather, we always seem to get lucky and have a sunny one.  So nice to be outdoors so much. Massively helps our 1000 hrs outdoors challenge. This rain has been a nightmare for making us not venture too far recently. Hopefully that’s behind us mostly now, roll on spring

Do you have Easter traditions? What’s your favourite egg?? I actually got two oat milk eggs this year which I was so happy about – helping me to be vegan more easily –  chocolate is totally my weakness! 

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