Go Lionesses!

Having loved last nights movie and after a chat to the team of Wonderful WGC as we were leaving we decided to give the football a go today.  

I had to be honest worried about going due to crowds, and queues, two potential disastrous parts of life for us.  But it seems even an World Cup Final at a free event on a big screen can be totally accessible if you want it too.  We make these things work, so I have no idea why I was worried and mostly people want to help, they just often don’t think or know how to, until you give them an opportunity.  And the Wonderful WGC team totally stepped up for us, and we are very grateful.

Last night post movie, the girls and I nipped to Tesco, just for pet food, you know that last minute panicked dash when you remember you are out.  Having now decided to go watch the match I was happy to spot some girls football t shirts, that had been popped onto the end of a rail, and had been marked down to a super reasonable £3, so they were happy to have one each.  They chose some flags to wave too, which was cute.

We managed to get the exact same spot on the grass, as we had last night for Grease, so Ruby was happy!  The other initial bunch of football fans were choosing to sit further forward to the girls had more space whilst we waited for it to start, but it gradually filled up all around us.  It was busy but not packed, I was impressed with how smoothly it all went.  To be honest, had it been mens football, I think it perhaps might not have been so chilled.   

Once settled down with some breakfast and some stickers & loom bands the girls were happy.  Adults were given wrist bands, so they could come in and out of the match to get to cafes / shops etc.  Simmons was doing a roaring breakfast trade, and of course Hallie can never resist a Simmons breakfast, or to be honest a Simmons anything! 

Helen had joined us and we sat and watched the match, chatting along to the people around us.  It was a lovely atmosphere, so family friendly.  

The girls decided they had absolutely zero interest in the game – thank goodness for their activities to keep them busy!    Hilariously Hallie’s T Shirt said I love Football, and she loudly told everyone she hated football.  

Sadly as everyone knows we did not win today, but our girls did amazingly well.  Super proud of them.    I really glad we went to watch it, it was a really great way to enjoy the match.  Felt super safe, was busy but not crowded and incredibly well managed.  Thanks WonderfulWGC Team for a another great event – two in a row – what’s next?

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