I Am The Queen Of Procrastination

I not only say to others I’ll do it later, or I’ll do it tomorrow, or I am busy right now, I say it to myself. In fact I think I say to myself more than I say it to others. I then leave myself, usually, a huge last minute, stressful panic, in which I vow faithfully never ever to do it to myself again as the stress and tears usually are immense, and yet I always do. ⁣

So I know loads of people procrastinate, but with ADHD it’s one of our specialities – sorry I should not generalise as we are all individuals – but it’s a common trait. We struggle with executive function, which basically is cognitive processes that help with planning, organising, initiating tasks and regulating emotions. I totally struggle with starting tasks – but mostly the ones that have not caught my interest, as I get massively distracted by brighter, shinier, more interesting things to do, or to be honest sometimes I am happy just sat doing nothing watching trashy tv and actually not really doing anything – but those days are allowed right!⁣

Take this week for example, my three have been either at Brownie Pack Holiday (lets hear a cheer for Ruby for achieving that) or at their Daddy’s house – leaving me free to clean my house, do a mountain of laundry and rearrange their bedrooms which I have been putting off doing for weeks (the bedrooms not the laundry!). What have I achieved? Well pretty much none of it, I have procrastinated as there is always tomorrow and now its Friday and then are due home later and its like panic stations. So to avoid the panic, as I cannot do this to myself yet again, I’m going to go get my nails done, and actually procrastinate the laundry to this evening and their bedrooms can be done over the weekend – they can help! ⁣

This weeks more interesting tasks – playing with the puppy, stopping the puppy and chihuahua from killing each other, hanging out at my dads house to ensure he did not manage to mess up and disconnect himself from an important medical zoom call, and wait for it – planning the school Christmas event – yes Santa is booked and other plans are taking shape. Like WTF its July, The hyper focus is real, so when I find a task I actually want to do I am on fire, but if its not my thing or I’m not feeling it, there is always tomorrow and sheer panic that comes with last minute chaos. ⁣

Tips for getting those duller tasks done are gratefully received, your negative judgement is not x ⁣

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