Its Almost Time To Take My Girls to the Barbie Movie!

I am so so excited as the day approaches when I get to take my gorgeous girls to the Barbie movie. It’s not just a trip to the cinema; it’s a chance to create new memories with my little ones. They have been at their Daddy’s since the movie came out – the worst possible timing, and Ruby has also been at Brownie Camp – wearing brown I hasten to add! So this weekend is finally my chance to go. I’ve seen everyone’s posts and photos and now am desperate for our turn and our memory making. Phoebe and Katie are coming with us too, it’s going to be so much fun.

The announcement of the latest Barbie movie instantly pinged me back to my own childhood. I vividly remember playing with Barbie dolls, yes of course and Sindy, creating imaginative scenarios, and dreaming about being part of their magical worlds. Now, being able to share this experience with my girls feels like a dream come true. Katie & I didn’t have a Barbie dream house as children, we had a Sindy house, and to be fair for the time it was pretty epic. I remember it having an outside lift that went up so the dolls could reach all the floors! Plus I had a pool, which was pink, so must have been a barbie one, it had a button you pressed and it turned into a Jacuzzi – a manual one! So much fun and so many hours of play. I loved dressing my dolls, probably getting as frustrated as my girls do now with their hands getting stuck in the clothes. I thought I was a right fashionista, styling my Barbies and Sindy’s. Now I love seeing my girls playing with their Barbies and some of my old classics too.

Barbie has been an icon for generations, and now she connects my childhood with my daughters in a very pink way’. I’ve been sharing stories of my Barbie adventures with them, whilst they start their own Barbie journey. Its so lovely to see them play and enjoy the same things that I enjoyed when I was their age. They love also having mummys dolls to play with, although I have heard the word antique every now and again! The cheek of it!

From the moment the movie trailer was released, we knew we had to go. I can’t wait to see the joy on my girls’ faces as they immerse themselves in Barbie’s world, plus I am sure I will enjoy it too. I’ve heard its very funny, I am also hopeful that an adult references sail over their heads!

Barbie movies have always been more than just fairy-tale fantasies. They usually show important life lessons, such as friendship, kindness, and believing in yourself. I’m excited to watch my girls take in these valuable messages however subconsciously it is. Get them whilst they are young I say!

For my girls, the anticipation of a trip to the cinema is almost too much to bear, we don’t tend to go as my three struggle with concentration – the joys of adhd, to be fair so do I, and if I am honest its just a hassle for me to take them. I know, I know that sounds awful, but as a single mama of children with needs you really do have to pick your battles. But they’ve been planning out their outfits – of course it’s all about the pink. Their excitement is contagious, and it fills my heart with joy to see them so thrilled about a simple outing to the cinema. Hallie was just on the phone to me now asking how much pink she could wear, so cute!

So they are home from their Daddy’s on Friday and I find myself counting down the hours with excitement. I always miss them so much when they are away but this time I am also excited for the movie – plus I have an EPIC treat planned for next week – that I am bursting with excitement about. It’s all about memory making, having adventures and seeing life through their own magical eyes. I cannot wait.

I have totally bought the girls a Barbie treat to have on Sunday too, just to add to their ever growing collection. Amazon have an amazing selection of all things Barbie, dolls, t shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, literally everything you could want. Check it out here: and see what you think, if you have a little girl or a love of all things Barbie I bet you add things to your basket! It’s got to be done!

Ooooh and update …….. I just spoke to Grayson and he wants to come too! I had a sneaky feeling that he might, and he is also all about the pink and the outfit planning! He has actually just send me an awesome sweatshirt that he has found on eBay that he wants to wear, so who am I to say no! Absolutely love it! Ooooh this just gets better and better, I cannot wait now. So lovely that I can have fun will all my babies at once – hopefully drama and argument free! So excited for all the photo moments this will bring – we all know I love a photo! Instagram be ready

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