Navigating Post-Disney Blues: Returning to Reality

If you’ve ever embarked on a magical journey to  Disney, you might be familiar with that unmistakable feeling when you’re back home and faced with the inevitable… post-Disney blues. 

**The Sorcerer’s Luggage:**

The moment when you’re packing away your sorcerer’s hat and Mickey ears, thinking, “Can’t I just squeeze them into my everyday wardrobe?” Alas, you’re back to rummaging through your ‘normal’ clothes, all while muttering, “The magic shall return!”  Having worn a different set of ears for each day of our trip I actually felt like I had forgotten something today when I was off to Weasley’s puppy training class, only to realise it was my ears.  Can you imagine, if I had shown up in them!  Not only does this woman have a dog called Prince Weasley because her children could not decide over a Disney name or a Harry Potter one, but she also wears Minnie ears.  They would have thought I was utterly bonkers or extremely quirky.  

**Muggle Mundanity:**

The cruel reality of everyday life hits us, as we exchange Mickey Waffles and dole whips for… the mundane. A dash of washing up, a sprinkle of endless emails, and oh, those rather unenchanted bills! Fear not, for even in the dullest of moments, a touch of Disney can do wonders. I may well have had the Disney parade music blasting out of Alexa today whilst doing my housework.   

**Mood: Grumpy Dwarf:**

Suddenly, the simple task of waiting in a queue at the supermarket seems oddly un-magical. I might have even caught myself doing a very convincing impression of a certain grumpy dwarf. “I could be on Its A Small Small World right now!” I grumbled, as I wandered around Tesco this evening.  I wanted to be watching Hallie skip down Main Street again, not be planning dinners.

**Instagram’s Enchanted Echo:**

Oh, the bewitching Instagram feed, where memories linger. I find myself revisiting the #MagicalMoments, with a hopeful sigh and a slightly dramatic tear.  I have spent hours looking at my photos and videos,  I do love a photo, you know that, and these ones are extra magical.  I could literally post a pic a day for the next few years the amount I took – but don’t fret, I won’t! 

**Pondering: Where is the Genie’s Lamp?**

Oh how amazing it would be if I could rub a lamp and summon my own Genie to whisk me back to Disney. Alas, my luggage is lacking that particular lamp, so I’ll just have to get another trip planned – of course I am already on it.  I started looking at dates before we even came home!  I have reignited my love of Disney – not that it ever really went away – but having seen it through the eyes of the children it has become even more magical.  

So, there you have it, the post-Disney blues that strike us all. But I need to keep my chin up, keep an umbrella ready (this is Britain, after all), and remember: whilst the magic might fade into the distance, the memories stay forever, awaiting their next appearance in my dreams.  So I’ll keep that pixie dust on standby, and the Disney tunes at the ready for a sing-along.  I’m determined to keep the magic alive even when I am navigating the bustling streets of reality. 

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