New Beginnings

Well 2023 has been a rollercoaster for so many reasons, there have been highs and there have been lows and all sorts in between. But we have made it through and are ready and excited for 2024. ⁣

I love to think of a new year as new beginnings despite it literally being waking up on a different day. But I think mindset is important, so I stick with my new year, new beginnings and new starts mentality. But there is also a lot we have enjoyed in 2023 that we want to carry on enjoying and bring forward to ’24 with us, so it’s not all fresh starts. ⁣

So proud of all of our achievements, and our growth. Grayson had an amazing opportunity with Ready Eddie Go and is loving being the voice of Eddie, he is super hopeful that Season 2 is given the go ahead. Ruby has grow hugely in confidence the past few months and is now best of friends with Prince Weasley (our assistance dog – in training) and I’m hopeful that with him as her bestie she will soar. Hallie, well what can I say, my sassy little Miss is just fabulous, she never fails to make me smile. We have travelled and had some amazing adventures, Disney was magical and Norway was just on another level of gorgeousness. We are a great little team and mostly (we are far from perfect) have the best of times. I got my own adhd diagnosis in April and have finally felt more comfortable in my own skin, and able to be truer to who I am. No need to mask anymore although this is hard after 44 years of doing so. I may have lost some people along the way who find my openness uncomfortable and think there is no need to share, but really are they my people – probably not. I have worked hard on building up my blog and sharing our story and have a great relationship with venues and destinations across the country and shall continue working with them as the new year goes on. Hopeful that we can share our autism and adhd life with others, making people and places more accepting and accessible and making other families feel less alone in the tough times, Slowly slowly bringing more real life to social media rather than the glossy, pretend perfect that its swamped with. So excited as to where this might go. I even got over my fears and did some YouTubing and TikToks, sharing our stories, and actually not giving too much (ok just a little) of a damn about what people thought of me for doing it! ⁣

So whats new for 2024, one huge thing. – no more endlessly buying bottles of drinks for the children every where we stop in the car / or everywhere we go. This endless obsession to always get another drink not only costs a fortune, but the endless plastic waste drives me insane. So leading onto the next, to try and be a little, as much as this adhd brain will allow, more organised and planned. Planning for others I can win at, planning for myself – currently hard work, hoping I can slowly slowly change this. So we can start with something small – new juice bottles that get taken out with us all the time and are refilled!! No ridiculous resolutions here, no need, keeping it achievable and real. What else? Well a little more self care, daily nature fixes – wood walks with the dogs, kids, cats – yes they come too, way way less deliveroo and way more meal planning, ooooh anb Gray wants to start cooking so this is exciting, we also want way more adventures. Business wise I’m excited to be hosting some trips for other single parent families via my travel business and will continue to grow that, so hit me with all your holiday requests please. As for Mummy Is My Favourite Word – well the skies the limiit⁣

So as we leave 2023 behind us, and can move away from the bad bits we choose to forget and leave behind, I just want to wish you all a wonderful 2024, full of health, happiness, love, adventures, memory making and kisses from someone who truly adores you – I’m hopeful for the kisses bit being someone other than my kids in 2024 but to be fair they are the most important ones in my always – but if you know of anyone 😉

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