Norwegian Fjords Day 2: A Sea Day

Today we spent the day at sea, and to be honest I had thought we’d spend the day exploring the ship and having a swim.   It did not quite go to plan. But I must have also been totally insane to have made a mental plan. I know what life is like for us, what was I thinking! 

We woke up relatively early and they were raring to go to breakfast. Having failed miserably to keep them quiet in the cabin, I got ready.  Apparently I was not allowed to even take a shower, as Grayson was starving, I did of course, but it caused a huge drama. 

For breakfast we went to the buffet. I was hopeful it would have been quieter than last night. It was packed and noisy! The start of the sensory overload.   Great selection of breakfast choices, I cannot fault it at all, but it’s too busy for us.   Grayson was in flight mode and was dashing about, choosing more and more things, coming back to the table with various plates, and then dashing off for a wee, and then more food. He just was overwhelmed.   We did amongst the chaos manage to bump into Julie and her girls, so it was nice to see a friendly face. 

We had to be at the safety talk for 1030, as we missed it last night. So we dashed off to that. Thankfully it was quick and we all know where to go in the case of an emergency.  Grayson and Ruby have both told me several times today, so they must have taken something in! 

We wandered down to the shopping area on the ship and it has a beautiful virtual ceiling that changes patterns and designs throughout the day.  They all loved it and I have to admit it is pretty spectacular.   We had a wander but being a sea day it was very busy.  We borrowed Uno and Pictionary from a selection of games available and went to find a quiet space to sit and play them.   We stopped at the MSC Foundation space, which is their charity, and created a space to play the games. It was quiet in there, and away from the bustle.   Ruby was already really struggling and Gray was ridiculously all over the place. I didn’t envisage sitting playing Pictionary on our first full day at sea, but if they are happy that’s all that matters. I have decided to just go with the flow and what will be will be this trip. I’m not putting plans in my mind, to get stressed over, and then to be upset when they do not work out. Life does not work like clockwork for us, I know that, so let’s just see what happens. 

We also decided to make the MSC Foundation space our meeting point if we lose anyone.  Great choice and it works as several times we lost Grayson today, and we headed there and found him straight away. It really takes the panic off.   They obviously have a lost children plan, and I’m sure it’s a good one. But it’s nice to have our own way to find whomever is missing and to try that first.   I’m was so proud of him that he calmly got himself there and met us. 

Trying to think what else we did, it all seems so long ago now it’s late in the evening. Oh yes we registered for kids club, wandered about outside past the pools – they were super busy, oh and we found a duck!   

Yes you read that right, we found a duck!  It seems hidden ducks on a ship are much like painted stones in the woods. I love this idea and the children were so excited to find it, as were the children who had just hidden it – as they had been watching us. We are going to rehide it tomorrow, and also look in Haugesund to see if we can find any ducks to buy. They are desperate to hide some of their own.   

We popped back to the cabin for a while mid afternoon as it was all getting a little much.  We had talked about going swimming and Grayson was desperate to. But he admitted he had not taken his meds this morning and that was a major why I’d had such a tough time with him. Grrrrr! Anyway tablet taken, tv on, minions film discovered it suddenly went quiet. There they all lay, in silence watching a movie and calming themselves down. It was oh oh so needed!  Again so not how I envisaged today being but hey ho needs must.

So we never got to the pool. All too soon it was time to get ready for dinner. 

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