Blood Tests

So today Grayson had to go for more blood tests following our consultant visit a couple of weeks ago.  I never highlight the fact we are going for tests, just that we are going to the hospital where the big play room is.  He runs happily all the way from the carpark, pulling me along the corridors, pretty much running into everyone until we reach the Children Day Unit.  He knows the whole way, and typically, the hospital, like most, is like a rabbit warren.  He charges past the reception desk, saying ‘I’m here’ before dashing straight through to the huge play room that connects the Day Unit with the Children’s ward.  There the fun begins, he goes from toy to toy, not knowing what to do first.  I check us in at the desk and the play specialist follows me to find him amongst the toys so we can get the ‘magic’ cream on his hands ready for the blood tests.  Despite knowing this does not hurt, he always gets a bit tetchy about having the cream on his hands, and always tries just the once to rub it off.  The more I see his funny little ways, the more I wonder what are caused by perhaps a sensory disorder and what are just him being a pickle.  Cream on both hands successfully, Grayson continues to play.  He chats to everyone in the play room, even the fish!

Roll the clocks forward forty minutes and we are ready for the tests.  Grayson at this stage is bossing the lovely Play Specialist around, dragging her from place to place, demanding she joins in with his games. She is truly fabulous and he is at complete ease with her.  He happily goes into the side room with her and clambers onto her lap so he can get onto the iPad.  Technology in these situations is a lifesaver.  One arm draped around her back, cleverly caught by the Dr and iPad firmly clutched in the other he gets engrossed in whatever he is watching.  He has no clue whatsoever that enough blood has been taken for seven test bottles, or that a needle has gone into him.  He does not even flinch.


I am so grateful to the wonderful Paediatrics team at Lister, they are truly wonderful.  The care and compassion they show, even for something as mundane as a blood test is amazing.


I switched the milk – will he notice?

Will Grayson (3) notice I switched his milk this morning?

Well he spotted the Koko on the counter and pointed out the palm trees, telling me it was a beach. I distracted him with Noddy, thank heavens for Auntie Jen on Milkshake, breakfast to. 

He sat and munched his breakfast without any milk related fuss.  Phew! Pretty sure he did not have a clue anything was different. 

Not to be hypocritical, I too have switched to Koko this morning and am trying it in my beloved morning tea. I’m going to be tough to convert on that, but I’m giving it a go

Ouchy — sleepy tea to the rescue

One broken tooth, one major dental phobia and one presumed infection equals one very poorly and ouchy ear and a very sad and pained mummy. Feeling so sorry for myself tonight. 

Finally finally having my tooth fixed on Saturday, under sedation, amazingly covered on my Maternity Exemption. But until then I need some kind of relief. So braving a dental visit tomorrow to beg for some antibiotics. 

In the meantime as part of my intended healthy living plan I’m testing out Clippers Sleep Easy tea. So the packaging is lovely, all grey, calm and simple. 

I love the fact that Clipper products are made with pure ingredients with nothing artificial. This sits with my clean living plan (baby steps and all that!). This infusion includes cinnamon, chamomile, valerian, and other herbs. I honestly had no idea if it was going to be drinkable, but decided it was worth a shot! It’s actually delicious. What a lovely surprise. I am really enjoying it and will try another cup before I pop up to bed. Here’s to a long blissful sleep. 

Saturday morning soak!

I’ve snuck off for a bath! Daddy is clearing out Grayson’s bedroom ready to start painting for the new ‘jungle / animal bedroom’, Ruby is snoozing and Grayson is happy to be having ten minutes of iPad fun. So I have escaped, to put a conditioning treatment on my hair – a mummy need!! Ruby is full of cold and roasting hot so it could be a long day today, so grabbing these precious ten minutes whilst I can.

My special little man

So Grayson might have Dyspraxia, and possibly ADHD. These are the initial thoughts of my sister who is qualified as a SENCO in school.  Preschool have already confirmed they have concerns, well at least they confirmed this when I raised my concerns.  Having that conversation was massively hard, part of me was so relieved that they were seeing what I was seeing and part of me was devastated. I’ve had a week to get my head around this, and now I’m all about getting support, a diagnosis, or not, and moving forward on this journey.   Thankfully Katie can do the same assessments that the SENCO at the preschool will be doing, so I feel we are slightly ahead of the game in that aspect.  This means I can endlessly google, read anything and everything and add even more to my Pinterest boards!  Probably will also worry myself silly, but hey at least I feel like I am making some progress.  next step is to have the SENCO come into his pre school setting and then refer us on.  The other route is the medical route, so I have made an appointment to see the Health Visitor to get this ball rolling too.  Hopefully we will then get referred to the paediatric team.  It seems its a long winded process whichever route you take so its a case of having fingers in a  lot of pies.  There is also the option of a private route, so I am investigating that too.  I just cannot stand the thought of potentially a two year process, when we could be moving forward and getting him help and support now.

For now I just have to take a deep breath and stay calm when we have a melt down, or run out of M&S directly into the carpark – yes that happened today, and all the other things that happen daily.  Its so hard to know what is direct naughtiness and what is not entirely his fault.  This is going to take some getting used to, and I cannot wait to learn some techniques to help me deal with the behaviours and struggles that he seems to have.  He is such a bright little button, and is so funny and loving.  He is my perfect little man, just maybe with some differences from other children, thats all.  I love him to bits, he truly makes my heart melt, ok he makes my blood boil at times and frustrates me like crazy, but thats all part of being a mummy I think.  We’ll get through this in our own way, we’ll figure it all out and find a way, I know we will.  It just all feels a little unknown and raw at the moment.  My heart hurts.

Heart Melting Mummy Music Moment 

So this morning on the ridiculously long journey to Pre school, don’t even get me started on the A1, Grayson was asking for music. So whilst sat going nowhere, I found Justin Fletcher’s (Mr Tumble to most of us) album on Spotify and popped it on. It was the cutest moment, Grayson transformed from sleepy, slightly cranky three year old, to bright, happy, excited singalong child! He sang his way through The Wheels on the Bus, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes and many more.  He was oh so happy. It made my heart smile. Music is truly amazing, the impact it has on our moods is incredible, it makes no difference how old we are. It’s truly powerful. So thank you Mr Tumble (not sure I thought I would ever be saying that ) for making our traffic jam super fun and smiley, and for uplifting our morning. Grayson went to school a happy boy and Ruby was full of smiles too. 

Time to be me …..

It’s time to just be me, and to stop fretting, comparing and putting pressure on myself. Big deal, I started this blog and have been utterly rubbish at writing it! The more I stress about the fact I have not kept up with it, the longer I leave it and the more I stress and so we continue. So it’s time I backed off myself, got off my own back, left myself to get on with it.

New beginnings start right here right now.  It’s time to be kind to myself. 

Let the Pinteresting Commence

So I set myself a challenge a while back to ‘do’, ‘make’ or ‘achieve’ two of the zillions of things I pin on my Pinterest boards each week.  After all what is the point if they just sit on the boards and gather virtual dust?!

This morning I decided to brave it, in two ways.  One was to risk a Pinterest fail, and join the many who have fallen before me, and whom we have all laughed at when their pictures of their Pinterest failures have done the rounds on social media.  The other brave thing was to bake with Grayson, who probably has the attention span currently of a gnat!

But I have to start this challenge at some point and there was no time better than a free morning with no activities planned and a rather restless son.

The fact that I had bought some rather fabulous Halloween cookie cutters a few weeks back from a trip to TK Maxx – I adore TK Maxx by the way -made me think cookies were a good starting point.  Having pinned so many cookie recipes on my boards, which would I pick?  How would I choose?  Arrrrgh this challenge was proving harder than I first though, this is not the idea.  Pinning is supposed to make things easier, so you have all the lovely things you want to make handy in one place, where you can find them when you need them.

So I did a search in my pins for Cookies, and the first plain recipe that came up was one for Best Sugar Cookies.  This sounded promising.

Its a super simple recipe, allowing me to concentrate on endlessly telling Grayson to stop sucking his fingers, to take his head out of the mixing bowl, to not pick his nose, and to stop eating the sugar from the bowl by the spoonful ….. you get my drift, and if you are a mummy no doubt share my pain.
His first baking experience proved to be quite successful, he helped with everything and seemed to really enjoy himself.  The temptation to make a mess was just too great and he was soon covered in flour, partly my fault for pointing out it was like snow – what was I thinking?!

These are some of our finished cookies.  They turned out pretty good, and tasted great.  I think I’ll make another batch once he is in bed over the weekend.  That way I will be ‘allowed’ to roll the dough myself and make even and thin cookies, without having to wrestle him for the rolling pin whilst spreading flour everywhere.


Thanks Katrina for sharing the recipe on your blog, the recipe can be found here: .




New Month, New Start

Well September was pretty rubbish for  me, but enough said.  Onwards and upwards, its October from today, fresh month, fresh start.

Happy October, I’m excited to see what new adventures you bring.  Certainly already the temperature has dropped, and Fall is upon us.  Time to start thinking about Halloween, Bonfire Night and counting down to Elf on the Shelf time and of course Christmas.  Ok so I love the summer, but this time of year has so much to look forward to.

hello october.jpg


Pick a Pin(terest)

I love Pinterest and I have pinned thousands of things on my boards with the hope to one day find the time to read them, make them, cook them, create beautiful spaces like them, parent perfectly and live our my perfect Pinterest Life. Ok, so that’s never going to happen, realistically I do not have time, or the money to do this.  But I am challenging myself to cook one new recipe a week, to make one new thing a week with Grayson, and to choose one other free choice pin to use – maybe a date night idea, or a how to increase my blog followers pin, or perhaps implement a parenting tip I have pinned. What’s the use of just endlessly pinning if I do not ever use them. These challenges will also form fun blog posts, I’m pretty sure I will join the funny pinners before me with their Pinterest fails photo collection, but I hope to gave successes and fun along the way too.

Now I have to start picking this weeks, it could be a long night ……..

How do you use Pinterest? Are you a procrastinating or a proactive pinner?

Immunisations ……

…….. suck!

Poor Ruby had her final set of jabs today, until she is one. She screamed and screamed and screamed. My quiet little girl, became the noisest bubba ever. Bless her, it’s heartbreaking, yet in my mind essential to get her protected. The surgery was full of sweet little old ladies who reassuringly took it in turns to tell me not to worry, and that it was worse for me than for her. Pretty sure she had the raw end of the deal though, with three injections in her tiny little legs.


Ruby and Grayson had their agency photoshoots for Daisy & Dukes today. We are lucky that we live so close to the agency and also the photographer so do not have to travel far. One mummy I met today had stayed overnight locally, just so she could get her twin boys’ head shots taken today. That’s dedication for you.

Typically this morning Grayson was charging away from me clutching my iPhone, after I told him he could not use it to watch YouTube, and he fell flat on his face on the patio. Ouch! One fat & grazed top lip, and a lot of blood later ……. Thank heavens for Photoshop.  We created the poor photographer extra work before we even arrived.

Grayson being Grayson was a typical two and a half year old boy at his shoot. He ran around the photographers garden, playing with all the toys, doing anything he could pretty much to avoid standing still. Poor Nicola had to resort to action shots of him whizzing along on a car, and bouncing on an inflatable rabbit! He did cooperate and stand still in perhaps two minute batches, so hopefully we will get some nice pictures of him. I have given up on feeling mortified and have realised he is simply being Grayson.  He has such a fun, crazy & super busy personality, it’s who he is. Let’s face it I’m pretty rubbish at doing one thing at a time, and also hate being told what to do so I cannot expect too much from him.

Ruby was by far the easier subject to photograph, she smiled, and worked the camera, with a few coo’s thrown in.  She had her teary moment though, which prompted a quick feed to cheer her up, resulting in some breastfeeding photos. Excited to see how these turn out, I am so happy to be able to breast feed her, I want to treasure the memories.

Now it’s the long two week (ish) wait to see the photos. Michelle at Daisy & Dukes will choose which images she wants to use of the children, she knows what the casting people like and are looking for. I know for sure I will love them all, after all they are of my babies. Time will tell if the casting agents love them too I guess.