Pumpkin Paradise: An Afternoon at Hatters Farm Pumpkin Patch

It’s that time of year again when the leaves turn fiery shades of red and orange, and the air is meant to be crisp and cool. And you know what that means? It’s pumpkin patch season! I love all things pumpkin season, the colours, the photo opportunities, the fun times, I even kinda like the ridiculous fights my three all have every year when I am trying to get the best photos and they strop one by one.  I guess it’s part of the tradition. Despite being a grump in this video to beautifully & conveniently illustrate my point, Hallie was the most photo operative today – hence why this is photo heavy of her!

Today we visited Hatters Farm for the first time, and what a joy it was. It was the perfect start to our pumpkin season, it was blissful. We shall no doubt visit a few patches as we all enjoy it so much, and lets be honest you can never have enough pumpkins in October can you?!  Honestly we end up bringing them home from every visit, and end up with a house and porchful, but its great autumn decor, and then we roll onto into Christmas. 

One of the best things about a pumpkin patch is that it’s a place for all ages to enjoy. Families were out in full force, with children running gleefully between the pumpkins and parents capturing the perfect Instagram-worthy moments. It really was lovely to see so many people out in the sunshine having fun today.  What an afternoon for a visit.  Usually come pumpkin season we are all wrapped up and throw on a bobble hat, ok usually as a photo accessory, and our wellies, but today it was glorious.  It was totally t shirt weather, and the outfits I had planned for our visit, were going to be way too hot.  No amount of persuading was going to work, so it was time to revert back to the short sleeves and embrace the warm sunshine and pumpkins combo instead!

On arrival we headed straight to the maze.  Hallie and Grayson were straight on in there, and Ruby is always a little more anxious about these things and likes to suss it out before she runs off.  So we walked through it together initially whilst she warmed up!  But soon she was off too and they were busy arguing as to which way to go.  We managed to take some fun photos and to capture some video clips of them dashing about, I even managed to pursued Grayson to include me in a clip too – yeah I was actually visibly there too, captured on camera – without it being a selfie for once – miracle hey!  The maze had an included activity and we had to find numerous sign boards, answer a question, and write down the corresponding letting to spell something out at the end – I won’t spoil it.  But it was fun, and they all managed to join in with answering the questions.

We moved onto the Hatters Mad House upon leaving the maze.  Ruby was way less sure about this, as it was dark, it was unknown as to what was next, and there were clowns – clowns that moved, and that lit up.  It was fabulous, so cleverly laid out, and a lot of fun.  But she was not a fan, she cried, a lot, but Hallie and Grayson (ok and me!) loved it.  Grayson actually whizzed back around for a second time as we were coming to the exit of it as he loved it so much.  Ruby was soon smiling again and distracted by pumpkins and what there was to discover next.  We always try new things and although its hard when one doesn’t like something, its also hard being a single parent at times managing this situation, as you don’t want the other two missing out.  So at times we just manage with extra hugs, and reassurance to the struggling one, and get through it.  It mostly works. 

Onto the pumpkin canon – well this was a lot of fun!  We all loved this, so basically it is what it says, a canon that fires little pumpkins across a field at targets! We all had a turn, and I totally hit the target so was very proud of myself as I am usually so rubbish at these things!  Its pretty noisy, so they do have ear defenders which I was grateful for as all three borrowed them.  I think most children seemed to be. Hatters are proud to have been the first pumpkin patch in the UK to have their own pumpkin canons, and rightly so, its a great fun addition and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. 

The actual pumpkin patch was a huge space, with oodles of pumpkins and lots of quirky photo opportunities, including a gorgeous floral doorway and a large chair.  I love to wander amongst the pumpkins and naturally have to have a wheelbarrow – usually with at least one child in it!  Today they were relatively restrained as to just how many pumpkins we ended up with in the barrow, and chose some beautiful ones.  I adore the variety of colours, the wonky misshapen ones and the teeny tiny ones.  Its just so gorgeous out in the patch – can you tell I just love this time of year?!  Pretty sure its the witch in me!  We spent time taking photos, and choosing our favourite pumpkins, and really enjoyed the space.  

Hallie says: I loved having my photo taken with the fairy (was she a fairy, I thought she was a nice witch?!) and I also liked the clowns they were a lot of fun.  My best best thing was the pumpkin canon, we had to press the button and the pumpkin shooted out with a bang across the field.  I loved it there today mummy. Thank you Hatters.

Grayson says: It was so much fun.  It was very nice and I got to shoot pumpkin canons. 

Ruby says: I love riding in the wheelbarrow and playing on the hay bales.  I did cartwheels on them.  I love all the pretty pumpkins, the little ones are so cute.  Can we go again mummy? 

Final Thoughts

So we had a great afternoon at Hatters Farm, it’s so gorgeous, I really loved it and from the comments above so did the children.  It’s really well thought out and there is lots to do and plenty to keep everyone amused. There are loads of photo opportunities and let’s face it thats what we all want isn’t it!  I loved the variety and thought the inclusion of the Mad House was really fun, even if poor Ruby didn’t.  It’s something different that I have not seen offered at other patches.  It’s lovely to be able to find somewhere new to explore, and the added sunshine was a complete bonus.  Another few glorious hours clocked off of our 1000 hours outdoors challenge.  The canons were another really fun addition. I genuinely love a pumpkin patch so I’m pretty easily pleased come pumpkin season, but Hatters shone, its a great patch, and was really beautifully maintained, attractively laid out and just ticked all the boxes for us.

We are so grateful to have been invited by Hatters Farm to visit, thank you for the opportunity and for the gifted visit and the generous pumpkins.  We shall definitely be back and will be telling all our friends about you.  

Genuinely speaking though, whilst we are always grateful to be invited to visit somewhere, whether as an organised PR trip or as an individual visit for our family to be able to share with our followers,  I am very honest about my views and reviews.  What I share here and on my social media is totally our own views and opinions and is not influenced in any way by the venue.  

On that note – I’d say go book yourself some tickets and visit!!

**All The Important Stuff**

Where is Hatters Farm?  Hatters Farm is in Takeley, Bishops Stortford, CM22 6MP, and can easily be reached from us in Welwyn, but is easily accessible from Herts, Essex and beyond.  It was easy to find and despite being a farm, which sometimes the delightful sat nav apps find hard to find, it was super easy. We used Waze, and it got us there with no problem at all.

When Are They Open For Pumpkin Visits? Future dates to visit on are: 14th, 15th, 17th, 18th, and 21st to 29th of October from 0930-1630 (last entry 1530), giving you plenty of time to get organised and booked.  They are also hosting a Pumpkin Nights event which will be open on the 21st to 23rd October and 26th to 29th October.  The night events are open from 1700 –  2030 (last entry 1930) 

Hatters recommend you visit sooner rather than later for the best photos with plenty of pumpkins! This makes complete sense to me.

The Money Bit!  Entrance to Hatters Farm in the daytime ranges from £2 to £4 per person depending on when you visit.  The Pumpkin Nights events are £5 per person with under two’s free. 

The entry to the Maize Maze is an additional £3.50 per person or 4 for £12 (Under 3 yr olds / non-walkers go free).  

The pumpkin canon (which is super fun – yes I totally just plugged it again!) has a small additional cost, but I am so sorry I didn’t make a note of it and now cannot remember – apologies! 

Is there food available? There was a coffee cart and also a waffle van, both of which looked great. But you are also more than welcome to bring your own picnic along too, which I think is fabulous for families with fussy eaters, for those with specific dietary requirements and also  for us parents who don’t have an endless cash pot and try to stick to some sort of budget – errrr  ok I am rubbish at this, but the intention is there, so I’m super grateful that this is made easier for the more disciplined among us, by being allowed to bring your own food if you’d like to.  Hats off to Hatters Farm for this.

Is there parking?  There is loads of parking, and we got easily parked, plus it free.  It is on fields though, and today was exceptionally dry so we did not have mud to contend with. However they seem to be totally on the ball at Hatters so I am sure they have a muddy car park plan up their sleeves and will not leave you to be stuck in the mud on a soggy day.

Mummy I need a wee!  Panic not there are portaloos available for those essential moments when your little darling just has to wee, for mostly no other reason than they want to spoil the photo moment or they just want to be damn nosey and check out the toilet – only mine?  Oh ok, well regardless of the why, there are toilets available. 

Accessibility  – Its a pumpkin patch – so is not perfectly flat, and is not specifically designed to be wheelchair friendly as it’s a farm and is essentially fields.  But saying that, I think a wheelchair user would manage in the maze and around most of the attractions to be honest.  It might be harder out on the actual patch, for those using wheelchairs, buggies and for those less steady on their feet.  But I think for those determined to have a go and to have a good time, it’s workable on a dry day, probably way less so on a muddy one!  I always struggle with this bit, as its very individual isn’t it, and what some people would feel comfortable with, others might not be, please remember this is just my opinion, and my views so please don’t hold me or Hatters responsible if this is not your experience.  

How do I book and also where can I find out more information:  Check out the website right here: https://www.hattersfarmpumpkins.co.uk and also pop over to their instagram for all their latest photos  www.instagram.com/hattersfarm – you know we all love a photo!

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