About Me

I’m Louise, mummy to Grayson, Ruby & Hallie. We live in Herts, in the UK, with our chihuahua Salsa and our cat Belle.

I am an Independent Travel Advisor, who obviously loves to travel, am always exploring and planning new trips! Love to sneak the odd night / weekend away child free for some ‘me’ time on occasions too – we are all entitled to some down time right?! This single mama malarkey is a tough gig!

Always off on adventures with my three, whether it’s a walk in the woods, a day trip, a weekend break or a lovely holiday. We are rarely home, and life is often chaotic! The joys of ADHD and Autism thrown into the mix too, just to spice things up and to add to the chaos! So come along for the ride!

Snuggles with Ruby, Belle & Grayson