The Guilt Is Real

It’s about something we all seem to carry in our parental backpacks: the notorious mummy guilt.

So, let’s get real, shall we? Picture this: You’re juggling a gazillion things at once, from making sure the little ones are fed and clothed to managing a never-ending to-do list that somehow doubles in length every time you glance away. Sounds familiar, right?

Here’s the thing—I’ve been there, and I bet you have too. That moment when you’re torn between feeling like you’re doing too much or not doing enough. When you question every decision, from screen time limits to the type of snacks you serve.

Mummy guilt? Oh, it’s like an uninvited guest at our parenting party. It sneaks in, unannounced, whispering doubts in our ears. “Did I spend enough quality time today?” “Should I have said no more often?” “Am I giving each child enough attention?”

Let’s debunk a myth right away—mummy guilt doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care if you’re a stay-at-home mum, a working mum, a single mum, or a superhero mum juggling multiple roles. Nope, it settles in, making itself at home in all of our hearts.

But here’s the secret sauce—we’re all in this together. Every mum, every parent, every caregiver has felt the weight of this guilt at some point. It’s like an unwelcome but oddly familiar companion on this wild ride called parenthood.

Today I sobbed my heart out on a friends driveway before catching the train into London as I was working today. She was kindly taking the children into school, and Ruby was absolutely devastated to leave me. She was sobbing and clinging to me, and I was trying not to let her see how much I was hurting for hurting her. My lovely friend scooped her up and carried her down the drive, and kept walking which was the kindest thing she could have possibly done – for all of us. I really needed to go, and Ruby was safe, and also needed to not be further upset by it being prolonged. I sat in my car sobbing, feeling like the worst mama in the world, for putting her through it. I felt oh so guilty, and oh so horrible. But you know what, I enjoyed my time working, once I got there, it feels like a little ‘mummy rest’ and I got some downtime to reset a little before coming back to the after school chaos. She had stopped crying within few minutes of leaving me and and herself a great day too. So no long term damage done to either of us.

So, let’s give ourselves permission to let go of that guilt, shall we? Let’s replace those nagging doubts with a sprinkle of self-compassion and understanding. Because here’s the reality—our kids see us as superheroes, no matter how many times we think we’ve slipped up.

Every story read, every cuddle shared, every scraped knee kissed—that’s what matters. The rest? It’s just noise. Let’s turn down that volume and focus on the good times we’re creating.

So, to all the mums out there feeling that familiar tug of guilt—take a deep breath. You’re doing a phenomenal job, navigating this rollercoaster with all the love in your heart. And that, is what truly counts.

Here’s to embracing imperfection and celebrating the messy, beautiful journey of parenthood!

Loads of love

P.S. Remember, you’re not alone in this. We’ve all got each other’s backs. 💕

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